How to report a crime and get help


How to report a crime and get help

Counselling and psychological support

Counselling and psychological support

As a victim of crime, you acquire the right to receive free counselling, psychological and other support available in Lithuania. You can use this support regardless of whether you reported the crime to the police.

  • Counselling

Counselling is provided for victims of various crimes by the Victim Support Initiative

Counselling includes emotional support, provision of information and practical consultations in matters related to the criminal procedure. Volunteers providing support can accompany you while you go to the police, the court and other institutions. 

You can contact the Victim Support Initiative by e-mail, Skype or Facebook during volunteer working hours (work days from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.).

Contact details:, Facebook:, Skype: parama.aukoms

  • Psychological support 

After experiencing a crime, it is natural to feel anxiety, fear, anger, loss of self-confidence and loss of trust in others. However, after some time and by taking certain steps, you should start feeling better.

You should contact a specialist – psychologist if the situation does not improve after more time passes from the incident. Delaying to seek help may result in the development of a post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Support provided in health care institutions

Psychological support is provided free of charge in outpatient clinics. Each victim seeking support receives 12 free one hour long consultations. It is necessary to register for the psychological consultation in the outpatient clinic in advance.

You will find a detailed list of outpatient clinics and other health care institutions according to your place of residence on the Ministry of Health website.

Support provided by non-governmental organizations

In crisis situations, psychological support is provided by the Crisis Intervention Centre. The centre’s psychologists also provide remote consultations using Skype software. It is not necessary to register for a consultation in advance. The first consultation is free of charge.

Emotional support and aid is provided by emotional support services. Specialists working in these services are trained and prepared volunteers who provide support by phone or online.

Emotional support service Telephone number Website       Working time   
Youth line 8 800 28888 Monday-Sunday
Children’s line 116 111 Monday-Sunday
11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Linija Doverija (provides support in Russian) 8 800 77277 Tuesday-Saturday
4 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Help-line for women 8 800 66366      Monday-Sunday
Hope line 116 123 Monday-Sunday


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